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Business Valuation Services

Financial Reporting

Gingrey Capital assists clients with fair value reporting issues, successfully working with financial managers that must comply with increasingly complex fair value reporting standards and regulatory scrutiny. Valuation assignments completed by our professionals have been accepted by Big 4 audit firms and other reviewing entities. Our financial reporting valuation services include:
  • ASC 805 (formerly SFAS 141R) - Purchase Price Allocation
  • ASC 350 (formerly SFAS 142) - Goodwill Impairment Testing
  • ASC 360 (formerly SFAS 144) - Impairment Testing of Long-Lived Assets
  • ASC 718 (formerly SFAS 123R) - Stock Option Valuation
  • ASC 820 (formerly SFAS 157) - Fair Value Measurements

Tax Planning & Reporting

Our professionals have more than fifteen years experience providing objective valuations for tax compliance. Our opinions of fair market value are fully documented and supported to withstand any challenges by the IRS and/or state and local taxing authorities. Our services related to tax compliance include:
  • Gift & Estate Tax
  • IRC 409a
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • ESOPs
  • Intellectual Property
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Valuation of Non Compete Agreements

Pricing Analysis & Fairness Opinions

We provide sound, well-documented valuation opinions for large and small companies in a variety of industries and for various reasons, including:
  • Acquiring a Business
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Merging with Another Business
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Redeeming Shareholder Interests
  • Reorganization

We also assist companies with fairness opinions as an integral part of a transaction. From a seller's perspective, a fairness opinion is often a necessary part of the due diligence process, as boards, investors, and other corporate leadership must fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities by providing unbiased opinions. Fairness opinions are also important for other corporate transactions, including spin-off, recaps, stock repurchases, etc.

Litigation Support

We are able to provide attorneys and their clients with valuation estimates of lost profits and business damage that is vital to litigation engagements. We can serve as a consultant, an expert witness and a mediator serving as a court-appointed expert in areas such as:
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Divorce
  • Business Dissolutions
  • Review of Expert Reports
  • Securities Fraud
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