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Investment Banking Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

In addition to business valuation services, Gingrey Capital provides investment banking and transaction advisory services to primarily small and middle market companies, specializing in sell-side advisory transactions. Our focus is on our clients, and our goals are to maximize net proceeds, ensure closure of the transaction and negotiate the best possible terms. We take every measure to ensure confidentiality, we work to close quickly and we minimize the burden to the business owner. Our compensation structure is based solely on success, with no upfront cost to our clients. We only get paid if you get paid!

Capital Raise

Whether you are a true start-up company in the pre-revenue stage, or an established firm in need of expansion capital, Gingrey Capital can locate the money you need at the most favorable terms. Our professionals have developed an extensive network of various-stage investors that recognize our ability to deliver solid return on investment.
Gingrey Capital, LLC
Gingrey Capital, LLC
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