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Industry Experience

The professionals at Gingrey Capital have performed hundreds of valuations for companies of all sizes and a wide range of industries, including:
  • Manufacturing - metal and glass products, tobacco, billboards, concrete, casings, chemicals
  • Food & Beverage - restaurants (full and quick service), breweries
  • Transportation - airlines, school bus, trucking, fire engines, railroads
  • Technology - social media, content, domains, virtual gaming
  • Retail - apparel, discount stores, furniture
  • Telecommunications - local telephone and cable, internet
  • Professional Services - dispute resolution, construction, risk consulting, litigation, finance and accounting
  • Utilities - water and sewer systems
  • Textiles - carpet, tile and hardwood floor manufacturers
  • Health Care - hospices, physician practices (MRI, physical therapy, cardiology), hospitals
  • Distribution - automotive parts, computer peripherals
  • Entertainment - bowling centers, online music subscription, NASCAR driving experience
  • Financial Services - regulated exchanges, clearinghouses
  • Energy - directional service provider to the oil and gas industry
Gingrey Capital, LLC
Gingrey Capital, LLC
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